The ecological Mediterranean situation seen by the Grand Debat

A semi landlocked sea, the Mediterranean is also very divided and controlled by more rules and a larger number of regulating authorities than the number of its coastal nations.The pressure of the illegal drug trade and clandestine immigration has obliged the nations’ law enforcement agencies to cooperate. However, collectively the need for long-term ecological conservation of the whole marine habitat does not seem to be considered urgent.A healthy environment produces a great number of economic and social advantages. An example: tourism, the Mediterranean’s most important industry that cannot develop in a ruined environment.Even if the situation in the Mediterranean is politically complicated examples of agreements that protect the high seas exist and are a complement to the Marine Protected areas that are mainly coastal.Sans titre1The 25th of November 1999, the PELAGOS agreement signed between France, Italy and Monaco initiated the Western Marine Mammal Sanctuary. Coming into effect on the 21st of February 2002, this agreement coordinates the three countries in an action plan that covers an area of 88 000 km2 including the high seas.An integrated and coordinated ecological action plan would be a vector for economic development, bringing peace and stability.In partnership with the Institut du Droit de la Paix et du Développement of Nice University and students from universities from around the Mediterranean, UIM launches a “Grand Debate” to indentify the essential points on which the coastal nations are willing to agree on for a common action plan to protect the entire maritime area.

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