Plastic era

In the distant future, archaeologists can easily identify our era by deposits of plastic in the strata they shall search.Universally acclaimed for their durability and indestructibility, nearly 300 million tons of plastic are produced annually.Much of this production is thrown into the year and 10% end up in the sea for a long time we imagined that these molecules ended disintegrate and disappear, but only 1% are themselves biodegradable. The others are just disintegrate into fragments smaller and smaller.Imagine a plastic bag flies into a gust of wind in the parking lot of a supermarket.Driven by the wind and rain, his journey begins in a stream, continuing in the rivers and streams before finishing at seaIf this bag does not run quickly or if it is not ingested by a turtle takes for a jellyfish, then it will begin its slow dislocation due to the sun and the mechanical action of the waves.Slowly fragments become microscopic and float near the surface.In oceanic regions 5 concentration, the mass of plastic particles can be up to six times the phytoplankton. Snatched by predators of plankton, these particles then enter the food chain of the marine world.Scientists do not yet know all the consequences of this accumulation.However, some believe that the danger lies in their ability to carry invasive microorganisms. They serve as floats and even micro habitat for bacteria and viruses that are biofouling, which have the ability to concentrate chemicals (PCBs, DDT, bisphenol A, etc..) From the release of our lifestyle.In order to estimate the impact of these micro-waste, several expeditions have quantified tonnages plastic suspension to the surface of the five zones ocean concentration.However, in the Mediterranean this is still unknown. Yet this semi-enclosed deep sea is a perfect laboratory to try to understand the mechanisms and impacts of the most durable man has ever inflicted on the planet pollution.We are working on the possibility ….

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